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What we provide

AGRISAT brings an additional, different, and objective view about crop (behavior to every area of the farm.

Why additional?

AGRISAT is not aiming to replace the monitoring of field crops, but rather to provide additional information, from a different point of view, to the perception that we have as farmers and specialists of the development of our crops. It is, therefore, an additional tool whose information contributes to improve the decision-making system about actions in the field at all times.

Why different?

Because it offers the possibility of seeing our crops from above, allowing us to obtain spatial dimensions when assessing crop behavior throughout the crop season for each and every area of our plots.

¿Why objective?

Because we measure what happens in the field with the aid of the satellite.  The information obtained is, therefore, objective and quantified with growth indicators of the photosynthetically active canopy.

Having a temporal sequence of images with suitable frequency and spatial resolution, in real time, helps us understand the evolution of our crops in a given area and compare it to the evolution of other parts of the plot and other adjacent plots. This allows us to establish reference standards for each crop in every area and thus:

  • To Predict land cover performance.
  • To Estimate the need of water and nutrients one week ahead of time.
  • To Calculate the primary production for each area of every plot.
  • To Determine areas with different yield within the same plot or in the farm. This will be useful when facing a decision about what to grow in each of these areas in future crop seasons.
  • To Obtain maps of spatial variability within individual plots, as a basic step towards precision agriculture.

Where else would I find the information obtained valuable?

Mainly in the detection of growth abnormalities and of canopy behavior in the inner areas of the plot, allowing us to locate the specific place inside the plot to make field observations when an incident is detected. This helps determine the cause of said behavior, whether it be caused by damage due to inefficient crop management, malfunctioning of irrigation systems, pests, diseases or extreme weather conditions. In this respect, we can estimate and assess the effects of these irregularities on our primary production as foreseen in every area affected.

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Temporal sequences of satellite images for agricultural management.
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