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The new Horizon 2020 project “STARGATE” starts

On October 24, the Kick off Meeting of the STARGATE project took place in Thessaloniki (Greece). It is a project co-financed by the European Commission under the Research and Innovation program (2014-2020) belonging to Horizon 2020. The main objective of the project is the implementation of analytics models to support local and regional policy formulation and implementation related to mitigation on microclimate changes.

The project is coordinated for CERTH and in it participate 26 entities from Greece, Czech Republic, Israel, Spain, Latvia, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Portugal, Poland, Germany, Norway and Belgium, among which is AgriSat Iberia, whose participation is mainly focused on leading the WP1 dedicated to lead the co-creation process, collaborate in socio-economic and political analysis, coordinate Spanish pilot zone, collaborate in the development of the platform and collaborate in the evaluation and validation.

The six pilot zones are located in Spain, Greece, Israel, Latvia, Belgium and Czech Republic.

The incorporation of remote sensing and GIS technologies in the monitoring, validation and evaluation of these tests will be a fundamental part of AgriSat’s contribution to the project, as well as the creation and consolidation of a panel of interested users, which integrates the farmers, administration, and entities of the farming sector.

The project officially began on October 1 and will last 48 months.

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