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The new Horizon 2020 project “B-FERST” starts

On May 21, the Kick off Meeting of the B-FERST project took place at the Fertiberia headquarters in Madrid. It is a project co-financed by the European Commission under the Research and Innovation program (2014-2020) belonging to Horizon 2020. The main objective of the project is the valuation of biological data in the management plans of agriculture, create a new circular and biological-based value chain to consider a bilateral interaction between the sectors of agriculture and fertilizers focused on a paradigm shift in the value chain of fertilizers with 8 specialized fertilizers.

The project is coordinated for Fertiberia and in it participate 12 entities from Spain, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Hungary, Poland and Macedonia, among which is AgriSat Iberia, whose participation is mainly focused on leading the WP dedicated to test, evaluate and demonstrate the agronomic and environmental performance of new fertilizer products in crops at different scales ranging from individual plants (in greenhouse trials) to commercial plots in different agroclimatic conditions.

Agronomic evaluation criteria focus on the efficiency of nutrients, water and energy, ultimately resulting in economic benefits. The environmental assessment considers the conditions and degrees of reduction of soil, water and air pollution, maintenance of soil fertility, and reduction of fossil fuel consumption and GHG emissions.

The five pilot zones are located in Spain, Italy, France, Poland and Ukraine.

The incorporation of remote sensing and GIS technologies in the monitoring, validation and evaluation of these tests will be a fundamental part of AgriSat’s contribution to the project, as well as the creation and consolidation of a panel of interested users, which integrates the industry, administration, civil society and NGOs.

The project officially began on May 1 and will last 60 months.


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