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How can I access the information

The location, management and analysis of the information are made simple, flexible, and easy to understand for any user, thanks to the AgriSatwebGIS® tool. This tool allows us to view the geographical information of the plots through satellite images and other spatial reference layers from any computer connected to the internet. We can also check the information associated to each image pixel in the format of downloadable temporary tables and charts. The use of this tool is familiar with the classic features of a GIS viewer, such as zooming, measuring distances, image movement and display of coordinates.


¿How can I hire the AGRISAT service?

Hiring our services can be done directly from the AGRISAT website or by contacting our sales department via our e-mail address: cliente@agrisat.es
The service is based on a “pay per use” system.  The fee is customized, depending on the surface area you wish to monitor with our system and the number and type of parameters you wish to know.  It is an annual, renewable fee which entitles the user access for one year to a geographical area defined by the location of the monitored plots.  The first step is for the user to inform us about their farm location and extent.

Frequently Asked Questions about our services.

Can I hire and view different farms with the same username?

Indeed.  With a single username and password, you’ll be able to view the plots in different farms. To do this, you can easily choose which farms you want to see at any given time by simply clicking them on a dropdown menu. Our system allows you to make comparisons between plots from different farms.

Can I download the data I am checking?

Our services allow you to download the information you are checking at all times, i.e., both the map view and the information being checked on chart and table formats, the latter being in Excel format.

Can I check the data for different crop seasons at the same time?

Temporal analysis allows you to see the information for as many crop seasons as you have hired. When you first access our service, we provide the data for the previous crop season completely free of charge.  As you use our service, the data is kept for subsequent seasons. If you are interested in seasons prior to the most recent, you can request a personalized budget, based on availability.

How can I learn to handle the AgriSatwebGIS® application?

When you hire our services, we provide the specific information to handle the AgriSatwebGIS® application, free of charge, in the format that best suits your needs and availability.

What will happen if I have any questions or concerns about the information or managing the service?

We have a customer service to provide technical, business and management support to our users at all times. Our specialists in each area are in charge of this service.

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