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Agrisat participates in the Conference Technology 4.0: Precision farming

Organized by the Official College of Agricultural Technical Engineers of Valencia and Castellón in collaboration with the Higher Technical School of Agronomic Engineering and the Natural Environment (ETSIAMN), the Conference Technology 4.0: Precision Farming was held on 24 November at ETSIAMN Of the Polytechnic University of Valencia. The objective of the Conference was to present some of the technologies and tools to help in the improvement of agronomic management and farm management.


AgriSat participated with the presentation “Use of Remote Sensing for Agronomic Management”, presented by Mr. Andrés Cuesta and also attended by Mr. Juan José Puertas Toboso, a farmer and partner of AgriSat, and Mr. Miguel Carrión, oenologist, who presented a case of success resulting from an R & D & I project carried out in a vineyard plantation and in which they have actively participated in collaboration with AgriSat. The achievement of the project has been able to demonstrate that with the use of AgriSat’s diagnostic and decision-making tools for agronomic management, especially in the determination of water and nutrient needs, quality grapes and wine can be produced in a way Sustainable from a vineyard 16 months after its planting, as well as a good production of grapes, which in this case resulted in 10 tons per hectare.

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