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AgriSat participate in the Third Congress of Cereal Future in Castilla y León

Held in Benavente (Zamora) on 27 September, this issue highlighted by the large number of people and the quality of the presentations.

Agropal Cooperative Society and the magazine Land of Castile and Leon have successfully organized the Third Conference on the Future of Cereal in Castile and Leon. This quote is becoming a national reference in the field of cereal, for in it such important aspects are treated as new challenges in grain markets, profitability, challenges in improving the agronomic management as well as the latest developments mechanization of these crops.


In this edition, the organizers have kindly invite AgriSat Iberia to actively participate with the paper: Cost savings in cereal: variable dose of fertilizer and irrigation control, which was presented by Andrés Cuesta, responsible for client in AgriSat. This paper, focused on providing Earth observation technologies in determining the intraplot variability expressed through maps of relative variability, as the basis for the design of variable dosing application maps , both of basal fertilization ( NPK) and postemergence fertilization (N). For the application of this variable dosing, machinery adaptation is requiered or the use of specific machinery is needed. Also by using these technologies you can make a weekly irrigation scheduling tailored to the needs of crops in each plot, based on predictions of the percentage of green vegetation cover and the reference evapotranspiration, following FAO 56 methodology (1998 ). In short, there are technologies on the market at our disposal that can predict and adjust the maximum water requirements and crop nutrient and time of application, which are the main inputs in irrigated agriculture, and all this in a simple, comfortable and agile way.

An article on this paper has been published in the latest issue of the journal Tierras de Castilla y León (number 244).

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