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The new AgriSatwebGIS platform is here!

After more than three years of design and development, technological and agronomic work, the new online platform for access to time series of multispectral satellite images is fully operational. AgriSatwebGIS®, which is what we have called it, is a “re-evolution” of the classic SPIDERwebGIS® application, and together with our beloved app, it forms the new AgriSat® System.

We have improved performance, functionality, agility and usability of the platform, creating an interface adaptable to all types of devices, including touch phones (smartphones and tablets). Includes a complete redesign to make it more attractive and easy to use. AgriSatwebGIS® is a modular and versatile platform, since it is designed for multiple user profiles: companies and organizations in the sector, technicians, researchers and, of course, farmers.

We maintain the concept of a “live” system in which the user can access information and new features and developments in real time. The official launch is May 1, which means that SPIDERwebGIS® will make way for the new AgriSatwebGIS®.


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